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$1,000 Credit Toward Painting Made From Your Favorite Photo
Ending in: 65 days 17 hours 19 minutes
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Do you have a special photograph you adore of your family, child, relative, perhaps a loved pet you cherish or a scenic photo you took you’re proud of and would like to display in your home?

You’re bidding on a Gift Certificate giving you $1,000.00 OFF our fee to transform your favorite photo into a distinctive, artistic painting by Masana of NYC.

Our painting fee for fundraisers are courtesy priced at $2,000 – but this certificate gives you $1,000 off from that. Plus you can order sizes from 8×10 up to 30×40 and with this certificate there’s no extra charge for any size. Our artists have created painted portraits which have been selected as celebrity gifts for both the GOLDEN GLOBES and the EMMYS and displayed in the finest homes across the United States. The same expert team of artists will render your photo as an exquisite painting, virtually indistinguishable from a timeless, classic fine-art piece! Your family and friends will think it’s an original art piece of yours – and it is!

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