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The Sugar Swap: Finding your Sweet Spot for Work Life Balance
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Do you wish all the sweet things could be calorie free?

Do you wish you could indulge on cookies or candy with no consequence?

Do you wish kale would give you the same satisfaction as a piece of chocolate cake?

Well, I am here to tell you that while you may not be able to magically change the calorie content of your favorite sweets, you CAN create the perfect-for-you relationship with sugar (without giving it up!)

  • You can stop overeating sweets every night in front of the TV to relax and unwind from your busy day.
  • You can stop turning to your sugary treat (or sugary coffee drink) to get you through the afternoon lull at work.
  • You can reset your body so that the sugar doesn’t control you.
  • You can actually be more energized, more sharp at work, and ultimately more successful when you let go of the sugar binges!
  • You can be free from the emotional roller coaster and easily stay on track with your food choices, without giving up any of your favorite foods!
  • You can do ALL of this… and it has NOTHING to do with willpower!

The SUGAR SWAP is a 3-part course, delivered to you by email over 7 days. It includes a sugar swap cheat sheet to guide you through the process, emails to dive deeeper into the three steps, and a “stop your cravings” worksheet to get to the heart of the matter. It also includes one week of app-based coaching to support the changes.

We start by looking for easy ways to replace the sugar with healthier substitutes. We then find your own personal Sweet Spot. It is the opposite of a diet.

The Sugar Swap is my signature three step process. It is simple and effective; it is perfect for the go-getters who want a new approach – that lasts – and that can be easily done without adding anything to your to do list… and without completely giving up sugar!

This is not for someone looking for a quick fix. This is for you if you are ready for a new paradigm that addresses the root cause of the overeating.

My clients report feeling better, washing away the guilt, AND easily eating less sugar in three weeks when they follow the steps outlined in the Sugar Swap. This in turn leads to being able to enjoy yourself more through your demanding work days and ultimately finding more joy and pleasure as well, as you begin to find sweetness in other aspects of their life!

This program is designed for those us born with a sweet tooth, who find it hard to stop eating that sugar. To get results, plan to spend 1-2 hours on the reading and work in the first few days, and be ready to commit to more self work in the future. If you aren’t ready to commit beyond one week, the program won’t work. The sugar swap is one step towards a true emotional eating detox.

My specialty is in helping my clients create an earth-based spiritual practice with health and happiness as the result. My books and courses do not offer quick fixes, but instead help you stay on track to natural weight loss by following the rhythm of the seasons. It’s all about Small Steps, Big Magic, Crafting a life that sparkles! ~Alegra Loewenstein, Author of Emotional Eating Detox

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