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Aug 27th

Event runs from 10am to around 10pm (or when we run out of beer).

Your job is to show up, bring your kids (and the inner kid in you) and be prepared to have a GREAT time!!!

Funds raised at this event will help fund our Child Care program

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Performers being added all the time. Check back often to see the line up as it develops.

If you are a performer and would like to inquire about performing, please contact us to discuss your involvement


A former Army Sergeant. Papa Neil brings a unique look at life into his comedy.
The only child, well he has a bunch of brothers and sisters, but for our story he’s an only child.  Growing up on the streets, well the streets in front of his house, Papa Neil learned early on to keep from getting beat up, you need to make them laugh. He still got beat up, but they were laughing the whole time. Mission Accomplished


A former Army Sergeant, Justin Hayes is a product of the Northwest, but his comedy is worldly. With his uncanny ability to connect with a wide audience and an innate sense of humor, he is able to reach any socioeconomic group.
Justin took 1st in the USA World Showcase at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2005


Sam is a young comedian in the Northwest currently based out of Tacoma. Originally from a Suburb of a Suburb in Minnesota, he shares his experiences and observations that come from being a good-nature, naive person in this world that is not always so innocent and nice. His absurd yet relatable experiences are sure to have you rolling. Sam was NW Emmy-nominated twice for his live-streamed comedy talk show Late Knight.


Former Air Force Staff Sergeant, Toni west has been performing comedy since his fourth kid. With 8 years and 8 deployments of experience, he has seen and heard it all. If he’s not watching all four of his kids, he moonlights as a comedian throughout the Pacific Northwest. He hosts The Comedy Hour in downtown Tacoma. A weekly show case with televised talent and Washington’s Best! His view on the world is laughably entertaining


NICK HOLMQUIST has been singing his entire life. This is his debut on a big stage.


Joe is a former Marine,  Joe’s comedy magic shows are unbelievably funny! He asks volunteers from the audience to come up and he puts them in hilarious hypnotic situations sure to make everyone have the time of their life!


WINEHOUSE is a band from Olympia, WA that is emerging full-force into the alternative pop music scene. In an age where music trends are ever-changing, WINEHOUSE aims to create a timeless sound that everyone can feel.
Chivan Lim: Lead Guitar
Bailey Boeholt: Vocals
Aiden Taylor: Keys/Synth
Josh Hill: Bass Guitar
D’Andre Mack: Drums
Seth Reynolds: Saxophone
Hazen Lewis: Trumpet

Mariana Matthews

While the world of professional hypnotists is dominated by men, a colorful and dynamic woman has been making her mark entertaining with creative, iconic hypnosis shows. Mariana Matthews, also known as “That Lady Hypnotist”, has established a stellar reputation.


Jill Silva is a comedian currently residing in Tacoma, WA, which is pretty much the Brooklyn of Seattle but please don’t tell anyone. Her comedy has been called “a menace”, “loud” and “sometimes dry.” She’s featured in Baltimore’s XFest, Seattle’s Highlarious Comedy Fest and recently competed in NYC’s Devil Cup. She co-produces two comedy gems of Destiny City: Bob’s Comedy Jive and Laughing Mater. When she’s not out bothering businesses to put up comedy show posters, she’s bothering people on stage.


Cavin Eggleston is an up-and-coming comic who combines personal stories with an absurdist twist. His style has been called sarcastic, surprisingly charming, and “Fine, if you like that sort of thing,” by his mother. His comedy has taken him to clubs, bars, breweries, and places with microphones all around the Pacific Northwest and even as far as the World Series of Comedy Main Event.

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