Listed here are the most common questions we get

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Assistance (5)

All Veterans with an Honorable Discharge. Eligibility is based on discharge type, registering with your local VA and a demonstrated need for the type of assistance you’re requesting.

Category: Assistance

No. We don’t cap assistance, however, we do not give out cash. All assistance is goods or services based.

Category: Assistance

Unfortunately no. Our foundation is setup to assist Veterans. If you’re getting out and know you will need assistance, then we recommend you contact us prior to your discharge to start our process moving.

Category: Assistance

Most definitely. Proof can be one of two documents. Either of the following will work.

ID card issued by the VA or DOD indicating your status. (contractor IDs are NOT proof and will not be accepted as proof)

A copy of your DD 214 or NGB 22 (must indicate type of discharge) plus a picture ID issued by a State or Fed Gov entity.

Category: Assistance

Yes. Here’s why. The only way for us to track assistance and comply with IRS regulations is to be able to show where the funds where spent. We won’t sell or share your information with anyone except authorized law enforcement agency’s with proper legal standing to receive your information. Simply asking us for it won’t work.

If you receive assistance, you’re automatically signed up as a member.

Category: Assistance

Donations (2)

Great question. Donations are split into 2 funds (unless a donation is marked by the donor for a specific program).

25% will go to the General fund. This is the fund we use for operating the foundation.

75% will remain in the State it was raised. This fund is split into two funds, 75% to the County they are raised in and 25% to the State Fund.

Donors may earmark up to 50% of their donation for a specific program.

Category: Donations

Yes. Using our donor portal you’ll have access to all your information and have the ability to change it.

Category: Donations

Operational States (1)

Currently we offer assistance in the following States.


We have plans to begin offering assistance in Nevada in October 2022.

If you live outside of Washington State, at this time we can’t offer assistance.

Category: Operational States

Other (2)

We use a third party to handle all our online transactions, as such, we use their site for this. We don’t store or have access to your credit card info at any time.

Category: Other

A Paid Member is an individual or company that has a monthly donation of at least $30 setup, or a combined total of at least $360 for the year. Members receive advanced notice on events, discounts to events and other free stuff.

A Free Member is an individual or company that has created an account, may have donated but but not monthly or not at least $30 a month. Everyone is automatically a free member when they request assistance or create an account whether or not they donate.

A supporter is an individual or company that may or may not have donated, but would like to be informed of upcoming events and general news.

All are only emailed with info they request.

Category: Other

Volunteer (3)

We only contact those that have signed up for a event. We only send one email to inform you we have a need for volunteers. We will never call you unless you request it.

If you volunteer for an activity we don’t currently need help with, we won’t contact you at all.

Once you have agreed to help with an activity, you will be contacted by phone and email to coordinate your involvement and confirm you will participation.

Category: Volunteer

As many as you want.

Category: Volunteer

Yes. You can volunteer for any event or anything you want where and when we have a need for you.

Category: Volunteer