Veterans helping veterans in removing short term barriers to long term success

Types of Assistance We Can Offer

Basic Home Repairs

Minor Home failures can have a drastic impact on struggling Veterans. When a furnace stops, plumbing needs attention or simply needs work done that VA won’t cover. We do what we can to help fill the gap.

Appliance Replacement

Appliance replacement program

While a Veteran is waiting for a determination from the VA, the Veteran still has to face life. What does the Veteran do if they have a major appliance fail. They call us. We help replace the appliance so the Veteran doesn’t end up in a hole they can’t get out of.  

Minor Car Repair

Minor transportation issues.

Disabled Veterans have certain issues when it come to transportation. We can help get transportation for the Veteran whether that means fixing a car, getting a bus pass, arranging a ride or any number of issues that arise from transportation issues.

Schooling Assistance

Short term school assistance
The GI-Bill will pay for most of the school expenses. But it won’t help pay for bills while the Veteran is in school. We do. We help pay some bills so the Veteran can concentrate on school.

Child Care

The GI-Bill does not pay for child care while the Veteran works through treatment. If the Veterans spouse needs to work, what do they do with the children? They look to us for help. We can help setup or pay for child care to relieve some of the stress to the Veteran.

Health & Welfare Trips

Get Away Trips

These trips are important for Veterans and their families. They help the Veteran and family get to know each other again. They give the family the opportunity to be in a neutral environment which assists in the healing process. Veterans suffering from PTSD especially can benefit from these trips as they are designed for all fun and no stress.

Outdoor Activities

Physical activities are great. They’re also great for Veterans to help them clear their head after returning home from a deployment. How does a team of Army Vets playing a team of Navy Vets in a game of basketball or baseball or even hockey sound? To a Veteran, this sounds like a chance to have fun.

General Assistance

Sometimes there’s an issue that no one seems to have an answer for or the ability to help. We have an emergency fund setup just for those situations.

Please, Only Use This Form to Request Assistance. For all other inquiries , please use our Contact us page. Non assistance requests will not get a response from this inquiry.

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